Quality and Information Security Policy

Translator Scandinavia is a translation agency that offers language services of the highest quality. Translator Scandinavia will deliver the service that we have agreed with the client, on time, and at the price that we quoted in the initial phase of each project.

We will meet the requirements of our clients and other stakeholders and, where possible, exceed their expectations and continuously develop and improve our management system. We work in accordance with quality-assured procedures, which includes that:

  • our management system ensures compliance with client, stakeholder and legal requirements,
  • our project managers are responsible for the project from start to finish,
  • our translators have excellent knowledge of the target language and specialisation in their field,
  • our revisers and project managers have the expertise to quality-assure texts prior to delivery regarding their suitability for the agreed purpose,
  • we have procedures for continuous professional development of our employees,
  • we treat our clients’ and other stakeholders’ information with a high level of confidentiality and have procedures in place to ensure its accuracy and availability,
  • we are constantly working to improve our quality and information security management system and set annual improvement targets.

Information is the most central part of the service we provide, and proper information management, i.e. ensuring that the information is dealt with confidentially and that its accuracy and availability are guaranteed, is of utmost importance to us. Given the high degree of digitalisation in our operations, systematic work on information security is a requirement for our business.

The goal of this work is to protect the information held by our business so that it is used only for its intended purpose and by those who have a reason to use it, to ensure that it remains accurate and available as agreed with our clients and other stakeholders and to protect our business from disruption.

The protection must be adapted to requirements in terms of information classification, sensitivity, risk, legal requirements and other regulatory frameworks or documents that govern our business.

Our work is based on regular risk assessments that aim to achieve the right level of protection in all parts of the business and can be used to justify investment or training.

All our information assets are classified, and our systematic classification work allows us to identify which of them are critical to our business. We handle non-conformities and incidents in a systematic way. The information owner is responsible for the information security of its own information assets and for establishing and maintaining appropriate protection for them. Each employee and supplier handling information assets in any form is also responsible for maintaining information security and commits to complying with the security regulations in place.

Translator Scandinavia’s CEO is ultimately responsible for quality, information security and overall security issues, while operational implementation is delegated to the Information and IT Security Manager.

15 March 2022