Get closer to your clients with a multilingual website

People are more likely to trust a website written in their own language. We help you translate your website into several different languages and adapt your message to the country and the people you want to do business with.

Avoid copy-paste with smart CMS integrations

Copying and pasting translated texts takes time and is not exactly an enjoyable task. Using smart technological solutions, we can import and export translations directly on your website or in your CMS system. We work with most systems, such as Optimizely, Umbraco, Drupal, WordPress, Zendesk and Hubspot, to name a few. Our solutions make it easy to manage multiple languages, large volumes of text and complex processes on multiple platforms simultaneously.

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Increase your website’s organic traffic

To make it to the top of Google’s search results, you need to use the right keywords and search phrases. Even if you have carried out thorough keyword research for the website you have today, there’s often a big difference in what your target audience searches for in different countries. When we translate your website, we use modern tools to develop keywords and phrases that can help you rank highly in the country you want to reach.

Messages that resonate with your clients

Simply translating what is written on your website is often not sufficient when you want to successfully sell products and services to another country. You need to understand the culture of the country you’re selling to and adapt your message accordingly. Something that sounds fun in Sweden may be considered rude and tactless in other markets. Our translators have extensive knowledge of cultural differences in the language and will ensure that what you say on your website resonates with the people you want to do business with.

Experts in several different industries

Whatever your website is about, we can probably help you.

Business communication
Translate press releases the same day, or convey news and information in your client magazines in five different languages. We translate annual reports, client magazines and prospectuses, among other texts.
Medicine and Medical technology
Our medical specialists ensure that the texts are translated correctly and meet the high standards required for medical translations.
Financial translations
Let translators specialised in finance translate your annual reports, interim reports and other financial texts.

“We appreciate Translator Scandinavia’s helpful staff, who are extremely knowledgeable and quick to deliver.”

Marketing team


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How much does it cost to translate a website?
The simple answer is that we charge per word. But that’s not the whole truth. Depending on whether there is a lot of repetition at sentence level, or if you have translated something with us before, you may receive a discount. We put together a quote with the price and any discounts that apply to you before we start the translation.
What languages do you translate into?
We translate into more than 100 languages: Our most common languages are the Nordic languages, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, but we also translate into Chinese, Pashto and the different varieties of Sami. You’ll find a list of our languages here.
Can you translate directly on my website?
When we start your project, we will agree together on how your texts will be delivered. We use modern tools that we can integrate with the vast majority of CMS systems. That’s why we can deliver your texts smoothly and efficiently, no matter which CMS you use.

How can we help you?

Would you like a quote, or do you have questions about our website translations? Contact us and we’ll connect you directly with one of our experienced project managers.

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If you state what you need in detail, this makes it easier to connect you with the right person.

Get a reply quickly, often within 15 minutes during office hours.

You do know that we’re certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001?