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When a text is to be translated, knowledge of the industry is crucial to the quality of the translation. We have experts in fields such as medicine, law, finance, IT and technology who translate texts into the languages requested by our clients.

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Business communication

Translate press releases the same day, or convey news and information in your client magazines in five different languages. We translate annual reports, client magazines and prospectuses, among other texts.

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EU and the public sector

Our skilled translators work with everything from tourist brochures to research reports and place great emphasis on quality and security.

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Financial translations

Let translators specialised in finance translate your annual reports, interim reports and other financial texts.

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IT translations

We localise and translate software, guides and marketing materials in the field of IT in more than 100 languages.

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Legal translations

We have the language and industry experts you need to translate legal texts such as judgments, powers of attorney, contracts and other legal documents.

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Marketing texts and advertising

Whether you’re launching an international campaign or translating a product catalogue, we have the right translator for the job.

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Medicine and Medical technology

Our medical specialists ensure that the texts are translated correctly and meet the high standards required for medical translations.

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Technical translations

Our technical translators have knowledge and understanding of various specialist fields. Whether you’re translating a medical instruction manual or complex tender documentation, we have the right person for the job.

We translate into more than 100 languages

Whether you need to translate into one language or several, it’s highly likely that we’ll be the right fit for you.

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Quality assurance

Your translations undergo several quality checks before they are sent to you. We take great care to always deliver high quality, accurate texts to our clients.

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Latest technology

We keep track of the latest trends in our field. Using AI and modern technology, we can keep the time and costs down – without compromising on quality.

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Get started quickly

Do you have a deadline to meet? We respond quickly to all requests we receive, and we decide on a delivery date with you that works with your deadline.

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