“We appreciate Translator Scandinavia’s helpful staff, who are extremely knowledgeable and quick to deliver.”

Marketing team at Smeg

What Smeg needed help with

Translating marketing materials into Norwegian, Danish and Finnish.

Smeg is an Italian company that offers innovative white goods and kitchen products. They needed regular help with translations of their marketing material into Danish, Norwegian and Finnish, as they didn’t have this expertise in-house. Smeg puts a lot of effort on its marketing, and it’s important for them to be able to quickly translate campaigns in stores or digitally. They needed a partner with a high level of linguistic expertise, but who also understood their industry and how best to convey a message in local markets.


Translating marketing materials into Nordic languages


Innovative white goods and kitchen products

“Translator Scandinavia delivers high-quality translations, and they always follow the guidelines we give them. If something is unclear, they ask about it, which shows that they treat the texts care to make sure everything is correct.”

Marketing team at Smeg

How we help Smeg

A project manager available to the whole team

For Smeg, it’s important to work with an agency that can deliver translations quickly. They have a constant flow of material that needs to be translated – often at short notice. This can include campaigns and new products to be launched on the market. Smeg has its own project manager at Translator Scandinavia with knowledge and experience from their industry. As Smeg regularly needs translations, we have weekly meetings where we go through new projects and new material. We’re delighted that Smeg has such confidence in us and look forward to continuing our work together.

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Partner – Head of Sales and Marketing

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