Technology and translation tools

Latest technology in the translation industry

We use market-leading technology to construct smart workflows, streamline processes and manage terminology. Using the latest technology, we can save you both time and money while providing you with professional, high-quality translations.

Translation tools that save you time and money

We work with translation memories that detect sentences and segments from previous projects. This means that the more translations you do with us, the more your translation memory grows. Before each translation, we analyse the material and compare it with previous projects. When our tool detects sentences and segments that we have translated before, we use these. This allows us to reduce the price in your quote. Also, your material will be more stylistically consistent, and you will save time and money on your translations in the long run.

Smooth CMS integrations

Our technological solutions make it easy to export and import translations into various CMS systems such as Optimizely (EpiServer), Drupal, Umbraco, WordPress, Sitecore and Marketo – to name a few. No matter what CMS system you have, we ensure that your translations are uploaded smoothly and efficiently to your website and CMS.

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Smoother collaboration in a secure environment

As a client, we welcome you into our professional translation environment. It allows you to track your projects, keep an eye on the translation process and upload your files securely, without the risks that sending documents by email entails.

The system integrates with over 50 CMS and other marketing platforms. We can also build custom integrations and special solutions if your platform is not among these options. So when you translate with us, you are in a secure and transparent environment that makes the translation process easier than in any other system.

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